To inquire about setting up a PocketNews® online community site specific to your neighbourhood, please email Britt Santowski.

To see what’s possible, visit the mothership and inaugural PocketNews® website: This community online-only newspaper has been publishing since January 2015, and currently receive 1.7 million annual article reads. For a paper serving a bedroom population of 13,001, that’s staggeringly successful. Sooke is a bedroom community with about 70 per cent of workers commuting out of town, so it has a very tiny economic centre. That said, the online paper continues to stay afloat financially. Having said that, communities with a larger economic centre are bound to to better than Sooke PocketNews. Should you become a successful PocketNews® publisher, we will make the Sooke numbers available to you.

If you become a local publisher, we will include:

  • PocketNews® licencing rights
  • The website
  • Ongoing hosting
  • Initial set up
  • Site-specific publisher email address
  • Ongoing support
  • Monthly mastermind meetings
  • Broader PocketNews advertising rights
  • Exclusivity (ie, no other PocketNews® will be established in conflict with your territory)

You (and/or your team) need to bring some skills to the table, including:

  • Familiarity with the backend functionality of WordPress
  • Ability to sell ad space to businesses in your community (this will be your primary source of income)
  • Community interest
  • Writing skills
  • Social media skills
  • Photography and videography skills (beginner is fine)
  • Willingness to sit through public municipal council meetings and write up summaries
  • An untarnished reputation in your community
  • Your own computer, with a highspeed network connection to the Internet

Attributes that will bring you the most success

  • Entrepreneurial minded
  • Hard working (this is NOT a passive income get-rich-quick scheme)
  • Fair minded
  • Thick skinned
  • Strong leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Forward thinking

You will agree to SPN ethics, both as an employer and as a community news source. We believe in paying fair and livable wages. We give to the community. We value people. Review the existing policies and Manifesto from our inaugural paper, Sooke PocketNews to see what we expect from PocketNews publishers.

Becoming a PocketNews® Publisher is ideal for:

  • A stay-at-home parent looking to augment their income
  • A mature student who has control over their time
  • Someone who can set aside their political views most of the time, and who won’t take social media criticism personally
  • A difficult-to-employ person looking to sink their teeth into something long term
  • A former down-sized press employee wanting to do more than before, and do it better, while being in control.

Women, introverts, diversities and disabilities welcome!

PocketNews reserves certain rights, which will all be detailed before you sign on.

If you are interested, please email Britt Santowski, the owner and operator of, and owner of PocketNews®. Let’s talk!